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The ever-inspiring coast

When on travel, I used to prefer the mountains over the coast. Since a couple of years, however, the coast has won me over. The scenery, the food, the people, the whole atmosphere attracts me and gives me more peace of mind than anything else. Especially the French west coast (Normandy, Brittany, and the Atlantic) can really charm me. It doesn’t matter what season it is, I love it to be there and I can’t wait to get back. The nice thing about the French west coast is that there are many quiet spots, unlike the Mediterranean, which is beautiful as well but often packed with people. It goes without saying that coastal areas make for great photographic opportunities, and just like many other photographers, I tend to indulge in the usual things: golden sunsets, wind- and water-sculpted patterns of beach sand, long exposures with “milky sea” effects, breaking waves, and dramatic cliffs. Nothing wrong with pleasing clichés.

Here are a few from a recent trip to Normandy (northwestern part of the Cotentin peninsula). It was the last week of December and the weather was stormy all the time, except for a single quiet day, when we visited Cap de la Hague.

Never a dull moment at the coast.

Nez de Jobourg: Stormy weather, great views.

Normandy coast stormy weather

Cap de la Hague: A quiet day with spectacular cloudy skies.

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