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A one-minute portrait session

No matter how much I like to see myself as a portrait photographer, I really only have two main models: my daughters. They grow up fast, which means that getting them in front of my camera is becoming more and more challenging. Especially my youngest (who is eleven now) really pushes the envelope if it comes to working fast. The time that she allowed me for the series below may have been more than a minute, but definitely not much more. No matter what, it was a fun session and her natural expressiveness made up for the little time she gave me. All I needed to do was to keep on shooting while making some silly jokes. She did the rest.

A short but fun portrait session with my eleven-year-old daughter. All shots were taken with the Sony A7III and Zeiss Sonnar T* FE 55mm F1.8 ZA lens. A fantastic combo for this kind of work.


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