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I prepared this shot of Peitlerkofel — an impressive, relatively free-standing mountain peak in the Dolomites — about a year before I took it last summer: from the direction of the light at sunrise or sunset to the orientation of the mountain (north face) and the exact spot where I was going to plant my tripod (see the first video below). Not exactly being a morning person, I opted for the sunset of our last day in the Dolomites to finally take the shot.

One of the things I had not foreseen were the clouds around the peak (although those can be expected at any time in the mountains). More importantly, however, I had not anticipated the presence of the moon (not geeky enough for that apparently). Being alone on the hilltop from where I viewed the scene, I couldn’t stop shouting “wow” when I suddenly noticed the almost full moon faintly shining through the clouds above the smaller peak (see the second video below). It was an exciting experience of serendipity.

Fortunately, there was a brief moment where both the low and the high clouds cleared just enough to make the moon fully visible. I have such fond memories of this moment. But I have especially fond memories of the mountain itself because just about a week earlier my oldest daughter and I stood on its summit. Nothing beats a shared experience.

Peitlerkofel (Sass de Putia) right after sunset. Shot with the Fuji X-T5 and Fujinon XF55-200mm.

My vantage point at Würzjoch (Passo delle Erbe, province of Trentino-Alto Adige).

Time lapse showing the appearance of the moon over the lower peak. My “wow” moment.


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